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Month: January 2023

The Complete Guide to Using GIFs in Your Social Media Marketing

Today’s media world would be unimaginable without GIFs. They’ve gone from being a strange and obscure method to express yourself to the in thing to do now.

GIFs were formerly only used by average people, but today marketers and bloggers are turning to them as well to capture attention and get their point through. read more

All Need to Know About the TikTok Shadow Ban

If your TikTok channel has been getting little attention as of late, you may be a victim of the platform’s famed “shadow ban.”

To what end, though, do these things occur? How can you determine if your account has been impacted? What should you do to prevent being caught in one? To that end, what steps may be taken to have your account reinstated? Down here, you’ll find the solutions to your questions. read more

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