The proliferation of social media has made it the ideal venue for gaining exposure and expanding reach. Companies’ increased focus on expanding their online fan bases comes as no surprise. Statistica reports that since 2015, companies have increased their investment on social media marketing, which now accounts for about 15% of digital marketing budgets.
Yet, it is not simple for new businesses and startups to begin attracting customers through social media. You’d be up against more well-known names for users’ attention. It’s already challenging to stand out from the deluge of material that’s produced every single day. In addition, you’ll need to educate yourself on and become proficient with a variety of platforms.
We’ve gathered the recommendations of social media professionals to help you succeed. If you want to attract attention in a busy social media landscape, read our guide for some tips.

Place yourself where your target audience can be found

There are a lot of different social media networks out there, and you probably only have time and energy to devote to one of them. Spreading yourself too thin can happen if you have a lot of social media profiles. Get the best possible response from your marketing efforts by figuring out which platforms your ideal customers use.

Plan your social media goals

It’s important to first establish why you want to use social media and what you hope to gain from it before diving into any particular platform.
“If the main business goal is to gain more customers or… enhance overall brand awareness through a certain channel, then you can design a strategy to achieve that specific goal,” explains Codi Dantu-Johnson, Social Media Strategist at Mini Media Marketing.

Interact with your audience

Relationships are mutually beneficial when both parties are invested. Customers, like friends, will lose interest in your brand if you never communicate with them. Keeping in touch with your consumers and getting to know them better is facilitated by actively engaging with your followers on social media.
Interact with your target demographic if you’re serious about growing your fan base.

Never waver in your stance

It’s not uncommon for there to be millions of postings made every day on a single social media site like LinkedIn. As expected, previously published material quickly becomes irrelevant. Agbetola claims that maintaining prominence in your followers’ feeds requires “consistency, keep updating, keep sharing.”
The frequency with which you should update your social media accounts is not subject to any hard and fast rules. You should set a publication frequency that is manageable for you in terms of both time and resources and then stick to it. The frequency with which you update your site can be modified at a later date.

Dont purchase popularity

Dantu-Johnson stresses the importance of never buying fans. She stresses that this is the “worst thing you can do for your brand” if you decide to buy followers. It’s not trustworthy, it’s unoriginal, and it’s lazy.
Webflow’s Social Media Coordinator Pat Timmons encourages users to “have fun,” “take risks,” and “be real” when posting content. Brands can achieve the greatest levels of success on social media when they are willing to provide happiness to their customers’ news feeds. You’re wasting a fantastic opportunity to create trust with your customers on a deeper level if you’re not having fun with the individuals who are rooting for your brand every day.

Learn the best practises for each medium

It’s true that there are broad principles that can be applied to any social media channel, but each one also has its own set of tricks up its sleeve for attracting new users and expanding your reach. Determine the specific needs of each platform and tailor your approach accordingly.

For Instagram, highlight reels are a must-have

Quite a bit of achievement has been accomplished with Reels. As of late, Reels have also been prominently featured more frequently on Instagram. They can be really effective content formats,” argues Griffis. In the past, we have collaborated with content creators and small businesses (our target demographic!) to produce highly effective Reels.

Griffis recommends working with content creators and your target audience to make a reel if it is your first time doing one.

When using Twitter, it’s best to tweet frequently and then evaluate your results.

We need some help coming up with a tweet. To avoid being disappointed, Emal suggests waiting for “quantity to become quality over time” Finding out what interests one’s Twitter followers is essential to this method, as is tweeting “an enormous amount” of relevant stuff multiple times daily.

If you want to keep your followers interested, you should start by experimenting with shorter posts and then move on to creating threads (a series of tweets).

Get more views on TikTok

To get more views on TikTok, include viral music and sounds in your videos.
Agbetola argues that “TikTok… is your own game performed by your own rules.” Popular noises are the one rule I would strictly adhere to. It has the same function as a hashtag, but with much greater exposure.

The algorithm behind TikTok’s feed recommendations takes into account data from videos, including audio. Using a well-known noise can boost your visibility on people’s devices.

If you click the “+” button normally used to make videos, you’ll be taken to a page where you may listen to the most popular sounds right now. The most common sounds can be accessed by selecting Sounds from the menu bar.

‍Final Thoughts

Having a large social media following can help you become more influential, popular, and well-known. On the other hand, a large number of followers isn’t necessarily indicative of a dedicated fan base eager to spread the word about your product.