Is increasing your Instagram traffic and leads a goal of yours?

Do you have an Instagram account but you’re still trying to figure out how to increase your followers, get more leads, and turn a profit?

Here are 10 Instagram posts from industry experts and established companies that can help you increase your following and generate more business from the platform.
There’s just one place to turn if you want to grow your Instagram account and use it to ACTUALLY GET RESULTS in terms of traffic and sales.

The Pluses. The Corporations. Those who have Instagram profiles are already doing it.

So, I compiled a list of 10 Instagram posts that explain how to increase sales and leads using Instagram.

Have fun, and be sure to give these accounts a follow on Instagram. They will not only wow you visually, but they may also help you (obviously) increase your Instagram traffic and potential customers.

Easiest Way to Increase Instagram Followers, Likes, and Sales Leads

If you want to know how to increase your Instagram following, your number of leads, and the amount of money you make every post, just ask Sue B. Zimmerman.

Sue, as always, provides a TONNE of helpful information in her piece. She discusses the importance of posting meaningful content by saying:

Using a Posting Strategy that is in line with your brand, including Relevant Hashtags rather than popular ones that attract SpamBots, Geotags, and CTAs (Calls to Action) to achieve 79% more interaction is a terrific method to expand your account.
monitoring your click-through rate from your bio’s single link
In order to receive daily Instagram advice from Sue B, who is known as “The Instagram Expert,” you need follow her account. beautiful pictures like these that are perfect for Instagram.

Enhance Your Bio Link Strategy

If you’re looking for Instagram advice, go no further than Chalene Johnson’s Instagram Impact account!

If you want to increase your Instagram traffic and leads, you should follow her account.

Make sure your bio is driving them to the optin, free download, or other major link you want them to visit, as suggested in the piece below.

However, Chalene raises an excellent point: you shouldn’t alter the reference in your bio to a different URL in every single one of your posts.

Tracking Instagram’s Contribution to Website Traffic

This advice from Molly Marshall is crucial, like the ones from Sue B. Zimmerman and Chalene Johnson above.

Don’t just forget about your bio link after you’ve mastered it; instead, be sure to gauge its success.

Bring in Real People to Use Your Content

That’s a great idea, and I appreciate Chocolate Johnny’s help at Perfection Chocolates.


This serves as a helpful reminder that there are occasions when just asking for people to follow you on Instagram isn’t enough.

If you engage with your clients both online and in person, they are more likely to become repeat buyers.

If they have an Instagram account, you may utilise your posts to build rapport with them and interest them in your business (often even more so than email!).
Conceive of the “Big Picture”

This blog article by Jilley Sue is packed with helpful advice. I won’t list them all (check out the description for that), but I do want to highlight one piece of her guidance:

Take in Instagram’s Big Picture

There’s some truth to what she says. Increasing your Instagram traffic and leads will require some strategic planning.

How will you be updating? How frequently does it occur? How often…. and how will you approach things generally?

Jilley Sue is one of the few people I’ve seen succeed at direct sales, and she teaches others the ropes while she’s doing it.

Boost Revenue With Video

Constant Contact’s guidance is spot-on.

Getting people to visit your website and sign up for your email list is crucial if you want to build and maintain relationships with them.

However, video is one of the most effective methods to build relationships rapidly.

After seeing a video, 64% of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase.

An effective medium is video. Incorporate it into your Instagram feed.

Provide Calls-to-Action (CTAs) in Captions

Follow the steps in the image below to increase traffic and lead generation.

However, things are different on Instagram. Avoid using excessive call-to-actions.

Sure, send them to your bio’s URL.

However, moderation is key.

Instagram users prefer not to leave the app altogether, so try out different CTAs.

You can ask people to interact with the image in some way, such as by like it, commenting on it, sharing it, or reading the material it links to.

Build a Shareable Instagram Feed

In this guide, I’ll explain how Peg Fitzpatrick made her Instagram feed interactive by explaining the programme she used.

Peg offers daily advice on how to make the most of social media (including Instagram), and she uses a clever method to ensure that photographs like the one below always have working links.
Each of the photos on her Instagram account is linked to its own individual page.

Problems that arise while updating your featured bio link are eliminated, as individual links are maintained for each image.

In the case of Peg’s Instagram account, for instance, the identical image as the one above may be clicked to bring you to this article.