Instagram is mostly thought of as a place to post selfies and casual photos. Just that. However, Instagram is much more than simply a photo sharing app. Both companies and customers may benefit greatly from using this social networking site. Instagram is a great platform for selling your products and services without coming off as too promotional.

However, if you’re just starting out on Instagram, expanding your organic reach might feel like an uphill battle. But have no fear! All bases are covered here. This post will provide you with five tried and true Instagram marketing tactics that you can implement immediately to begin advertising your brand on Instagram.

Decide what you hope to achieve with your Instagram marketing

Think about your main ‘Why’ before you decide what sort of material you want to share on your feed. Putting your company’s presence on Instagram, why? Do you want to increase your lead generation? Is it to bring people together? Is it to increase exposure to your brand? Is it for use in social retailing?

The answers to these questions will guide your content strategy, so it’s important to ask them early on. How much money you make from an Instagram campaign depends on how well defined those objectives are.

If you’re using Instagram for social selling, for instance, the majority of your posts should highlight your wares. The content ought to pique interest enough for the intended audience to desire to learn more.

If you want to use Instagram to connect with your audience and grow your brand’s reputation, you should prioritise sharing information about upcoming sales and other promotions.

Make the most of your Instagram profile

Once you know what you want to accomplish with your Instagram account, you can focus on making your profile as engaging as possible. That is to say, while creating your account, double-check that you’ve checked every box and entered every piece of data requested.

To begin, double-check that your Instagram account is set up as a commercial one. With this, you may promote your business website on Instagram alongside your name, contact details, and location. Having access to analytics data on your followers’ Instagram behaviour is another major perk of a business profile. This data can be used to fine-tune your marketing efforts on the site.

Make material that actually matters

Here’s when your imagination and ingenuity come into play. It might be tough to come up with material that your consumers would adore because there are so many Instagram profiles competing for their attention. Amazing images, though, are a certain way to attract attention to whatever material you’re putting out there. After all, that’s Instagram’s main selling point.

Beautiful photographs have the power to captivate viewers. Make sure you only provide excellent information, such as striking photographs, if you want your articles to attract a lot of attention. And I don’t mean merely pictures of delicious cuisine or stunning landscapes. Photos of people, memes, and picture macros are all excellent ways to get your audience involved. Never underestimate the power of client photos in establishing the credibility of your goods and services.

However, it’s not simply pictures. If you haven’t tried adding videos to your feed yet, you should start doing so now because video material is becoming increasingly popular. In order for your video to be Instagram-worthy, you don’t need to come up with a TV ad. You only need a smartphone with a good camera and some imagination. A well-executed timelapse may be a fantastic addition to your feed.

Maximize participation in your posts

The timing of your Instagram post is crucial if you want to maximise its exposure. Some brands update their pages every day, while others do it multiple times a week. Whatever the situation may be, you must remember that the quality of your postings is more important than their quantity. You should also know when you should be publishing, and for that, Instagram Analytics is a great resource. You can see when your followers are most active on Instagram by checking your account’s analytics. You need not bother about publishing in real time. Select an app that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, and you’ll be all set.

Plan for the Future

Instagram content strategy requires a long-term perspective. No matter how amazing your caption and bio are, or how stunning your photos are, you cannot expect to build a massive following immediately. Planning material with a long-term perspective is essential if you want to amass a sizable following on this social media site.

Finally, take every opportunity to promote your Instagram account. In your email signature, on the rest of your social media profiles, and on the package.

Keep tabs on who is following you

The effectiveness of directing people from your Instagram account to your website may be measured by paying attention to these 5 crucial criteria. You can figure out how to effectively turn your Instagram followers into paying customers by monitoring their actions after they leave your page. You should track data like the percentage of returning visitors, average time spent on site, pages visited, bounce rate, and more.