Instagram has an answer for every social media platform that has challenged it. Instagram Stories was released as a response to SnapChat’s similar function, and today Instagram has twice as many users as SnapChat.

Instagram, which originally launched as a picture sharing platform, has now introduced a new feature called Instagram Reels in an effort to compete with TikTok and its trending, short-form video content. It has been putting out Instagram notes as of late. Also, it appears to be operational on Instagram accounts that represent groups.

Instagram’s next big update will be the Candid Stories feature. Instagram’s Candid Stories, also known as Candids, are Instagram’s response to BeReal, the most popular app in the App Store in September 2022.

What, exactly, are Candid Tales, and how might they be used in advertising? In today’s post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Instagram’s BeReal lookalike feature, from how it works to what sets it apart.

Let’s delve deeper and see what we find.

What, exactly, is the definition of a “candid story”?

The purpose of Candid Stories on Instagram is to foster more genuine communication amongst its users. Candids are like Stories, only they’re unfiltered and posted in real time.

Back when it was released, Candids almost certainly bombed. The popularity of photo editing apps that add special effects or humorous filters has increased (hint: the dog filter). Filtered Story posts originated on SnapChat, but Instagram quickly caught on.

But, users have recently begun posting unretouched, in-the-moment snapshots of themselves on social networking sites like Instagram and Snapchat in an effort to escape the filtered, fake stuff they’ve been accustomed to seeing. BeReal, a French app, has popularised this improvement by allowing users to take a picture in the moment and share it without applying any filters.

You might think of BeReal as a daily reminder to record yourself on both the front and rear cameras. When a user is slow to share a click, the app alerts their friends, suggesting the photo was doctored. So, what’s the thinking behind that? To avoid editing your life and instead show your pals the “genuine” you.

Users will now be able to disable the daily Candid notifications if they so want. Nevertheless, it is now unclear if Instagram would alert followers if a person is late uploading their story.

Please be aware that as of this writing, Instagram’s Candids feature is still in the testing phase, and there is no word on when the tool will be made available to the public.

What are the best practises for sharing candid story?

It’s best to have some direction when you’re still getting the hang of uploading Candid Stories on Instagram.

Now that Instagram has revealed its intentions for Candid Stories, users may learn how to create and share their own.

You can share a Candid Tale in one of these three ways:

Do a Candid and share it with the world with your Stories camera. To do this, launch Instagram and tap the plus sign in the app’s centre. For the Stories camera, tap the Story button.

You might also choose to open the Candid notice. In this case, it’s the app’s camera. You’ll be able to publish an authentic-sounding version of the story you record this way.

In addition to your own Story/profile icon at the top of your feed, you’ll also see a Candid multi-author Story option. A white happy face will be featured on a bright pink background to represent Candid Stories, and capturing your own Candid Story will be an option when you click on the cover.

Instagram Candid Stories: A Marketing Tool

Engage in inclusive behaviour

Marketers may use Instagram Candids as a platform for diversity and inclusive marketing. Ads or other promotional items of this type often include persons of varied physical characteristics, ethnic backgrounds, and gender identities.

What’s the big deal here? Due to the fact that inclusive marketing spreads good vibes and fosters emotional bonds between individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Sixty-one percent of Americans agree that include diverse people in commercials is vital. Seventy percent of millennials believe that advertising that include diverse people are more credible.

Marketers will be able to showcase their varied workforce, advertisements, models, and influencer partnerships in a more genuine light with Candid Tales. Furthermore, just depicting an inclusive day-to-day lifestyle may do wonders to help you connect with your target audience.

Keep in mind that insensitive marketing and portrayals can swiftly backfire, painting your company as insensitive and damaging to your bottom line.

Share the humanity behind your brand

A more genuine representation of your business is becoming more appealing to consumers as generations change. The increase of organic content makes articles from behind-the-scenes a terrific opportunity to humanise your brand.

Several Instagram functions have been used by companies to show their customers what goes on behind the scenes. Promoters already have access to a variety of tools, and candids expand this repertoire by providing exclusive peeks into the inner workings of a company.

Since that you can only share one unfiltered Candid photo each day, your Stories will have more credibility.

Although BTS material should generally reflect well on the firm, this is not a hard and fast rule. Depending on what you’re doing when you get a Candid notice from the ‘gramme, you may demonstrate various aspects of your business.

Look for user-made media

When it comes to genuine advertising, you can’t pass up the chance to promote and discover user-generated content.

Content created by regular people is not only more credible but also has a significant impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. A survey found that 79% of consumers said user-generated content (UGC) influences their purchasing decisions.

But how exactly can you search for user-submitted stories on Candid Stories? Easy: offer to highlight Candids taken by your customers using your product. You may take screenshots of the Stories and publish them on your blog or social media.

Real-life examples of your product in action, unfiltered for sexiness, are what you’ll get with candids. Because user-generated content (UGC) from Candids is more likely to be genuine, they may be a great asset to your social media marketing campaign.