Examine the highly imaginative material that Honeybook, OwletCare, and Chipotle are using to dominate Instagram advertising.

According to Instagram parent firm Facebook, more and more of its users are interacting with users on the app.

Instagram is the go-to platform for reaching a social media audience, whether you’re a micro-influencer with a little following or a giant international corporation buying ads.

Those who lack originality or genuineness have no place on Instagram. Any business on this platform will succeed or fail based on the quality of its content.

Book of Honey

Honeybook is a customer experience management and business management software, which isn’t the most exciting topic, yet they make it work!

What’s their secret? By presenting useful guidance in an easily consumable format while also using lighter, more human material in their marketing.

This tactic is effective on two fronts. First, it attracts new customers to Honeybook by giving them something of value without charging them anything. That’s important for a few of reasons.

Second, Chipotle

Perhaps Elon Musk is in charge of Chipotle’s Instagram account.

Chipotle postings clearly skew on humour, and the sillier the better, as anybody familiar with his notorious meme sharing on Twitter can attest.

This laid-back approach is just what a multinational corporation needs in order to become your favourite neighbourhood burrito joint. Because they are humorous, shareable, and sometimes include games or giveaways, they receive a lot of attention.

Three Madewell

Madewell is the kind of brand whose advertisements one would expect to be direct and to the point, and that’s precisely what they are.

Their Instagram content isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but that’s not really the point. Customers wanting to buy clothing online are more interested in seeing models wearing the label’s products.


Vans sneakers have always had a subversive vibe to them. The spirit of the brand is expressed via encouraging consumers to get out and pursue their passions while looking their best.

Their material does a wonderful job of capturing the same vibe they’ve had since 1969.

Their feed and commercials are littered with product placements, but they’re not pushing shoes exclusively.

They’re basically telling you that if you want to be seen as interesting and original, you need to wear Vans.


Instagram is where people go to get ideas for their next vacation. Numerous celebrities and brands cash in on audiences’ wanderlust.

They don’t just post images of their bags, but also of stunning scenery, interesting products, and adorable animals. It’s almost as though they’re trying to win through dishonest means. But hey, if tourism is your business, by all means, keep doing what you’re doing!

Farmers Market Sprouts, Number Six

Instagram is a destination for food photos even more than travel photos, and Sprouts Farmer’s Market never fails to provide.

They also throw in some useful recipes and ideas on how to use the ingredients supplied there.

Essential Amino Acids

Not only does Vital Proteins leverage celebrity endorsements (hello, Jennifer Aniston!) but they also do a great job with video demonstrations of their products’ simplicity of use.

The Discovery Corps

They offer a wide variety of tours, including those that focus on nature vs those that emphasise history and culture, those that take place in other countries, and those that are geared towards either families or women-only getaways. They do a fantastic job of organising their adverts such that each one targets a certain traveller demographic.


Instagram is a great place for new moms to find community and information on the wide range of baby items available to suit the needs of their children.

Instagram is an excellent platform for marketing OwletCare products since it allows the company to showcase the product in action through customer-submitted photographs and videos.


GoPro is the last but not least option. When it comes to social media, the creators of these extreme sports cameras have been at it longer than most businesses and have produced captivating material across Instagram, YouTube, and a wide variety of insane pursuits.

Bottom Line

If you have the ability to continuously produce material that entertains, informs, and/or inspires the people who view it, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

Your commercials will do well, and you’ll attract a following of people whose sense of self is intertwined with your product.

The idea is to not follow in the footsteps of these (or other) successful businesses by trying to copy their methods. You need to push material that is both distinctively in line with your brand and written in your own voice.