In 2010, Steve Jobs famously said, “no one is going to buy a big phone,” and he demanded that the iPhone’s screen size remain at 4 inches.
Apple’s sales growth and market share declined as customers began to gripe about the size of the screen as competitors developed larger and larger displays.
They discovered that having a tiny screen was a disadvantage. They were missing out on a massive audience of people who like large displays.
As it turns out, a sizable portion of the population wished for larger smartphones.
Sales hit a record level once they began making larger phones.
The upshot of this story? Customers have a better grasp on what they want than you do.
Don’t just make items without considering their needs and wants. You should do all in your power to find them, actually. Thanks to social media, it’s not too difficult.

Advertising on Instagram is quite profitable. There are more than 400 million monthly users, and 80 million photographs are posted every day on the network.

It has a huge following all around the world

The photo-sharing website has elevated the status of nomadic bloggers who write about their travels and culinary adventures. It has also become a great venue for more conventional companies to promote their wares and establish their reputation.

Hashtag and trend analysis

Instagram marketers would do well to keep tabs on trending topics. That goes for everyone in the business, from you to your rivals.

All comments, captions, and hashtags are recorded by Mention. Keyword tracking is useful for finding specific remarks, such as consumer feedback. You will also be able to examine broader patterns, such as the most trending hashtags in your field.

Let’s say you’ve recently introduced the world to a groundbreaking “anti-wrinkle youth serum.” Instagram may be a terrific promotional tool, but only if you know what you’re doing.

punetiYouMayNOAbWhatMakeMakeMakeMakeYourYourYourBeYouForForForForOneForForForOne[[s ” ” ” ” Monitor “anti-wrinkle,” “anti-aging,” and “prevent wrinkles” to identify businesses and consumers interested in these topics.

Do you want to know if the British use the term “anti-wrinkle” or “anti-aging?” Keeping an eye on Instagram posts is the key.

Immediately React

Discover something fascinating in your stream of alerts? It would be convenient to be able to reply without opening Instagram.

After linking your Instagram account, you’ll be able to do things like follow other users and comment on their photos without ever leaving the Mention interface. That’s far more efficient than constantly moving between tabs.

Discover popular users on Instagram

Instagram now belongs to influencer marketers. Companies hire influential users on Instagram to promote their products.

The skill of networking has evolved into a competitive field.

Keep an eye on hash tags and search terms to identify thought leaders. You may even listen in on conversations about competing brands to find potential partners.

You may see an extensive list of Instagram users who are using the terms you’re tracking, ranked by impact, on the influencers dashboard. This is the place to go if you need to expand your team.

You need only make contact from that point on. From here, you can quickly and easily like, comment, and follow the page. Soon, influential people will be spreading the word about your items and pushing others to check them out and make a purchase.

Prepared to keep an eye on Instagram?

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Simply sign in, link your Instagram account, and begin.

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