The key to sustained success on Instagram is keeping your audience interested, but this may be challenging when coming up with new content on a regular basis.
The best method to stick to a posting schedule and make sure all sorts of posts are included is to create an Instagram content calendar. However, after posting on the site for a time, you may find it difficult to think of new material for your feed.

We’ve compiled 13 post suggestions on Instagram to help jumpstart your creative process. In order to facilitate your search, we have categorised these post suggestions into many distinct groups:

Ideas for Promoting Your Brand on Instagram

Make Behind-The-Scene Videos

Post candid photos from the office or production floor to give an inside look at what it’s like to work for or run your firm. Your readers will have a deeper understanding of your business and its culture thanks to these pieces.

Use Instagram Live

Use Instagram Live to have a live Q&A with your followers. Ask followers to submit questions in the comments or via the Question sticker in an Instagram Story, then respond to as many as possible during the Q&A session. While waiting for others to join and respond, it might be helpful to have a few commonly asked questions ready to go.

Show us how to use the product

Post an Instagram Reel or Story that demonstrates how to use your wares. Keep it interesting and no more than a minute or two long, with the opening three seconds setting the tone for the rest of the video.

Create a “thank you” post

Let your fans know how much you value their support through actions such as like, commenting, sharing, and following your content. Create a visual representation of your appreciation with Reels or GIF Maker.

Respond the comments promtply

When you respond to comments and questions in a Story, you demonstrate that you care about the community you’re creating and encourage more people to participate. You may further establish your credibility by answering questions relating to your field.

Reply for questions in a Story

Instagram freebies are a great method to get people interested in your company and get more people to follow you. Comments and likes for submissions can boost the post’s engagement, and people who come across your contest will learn more about your company and what you offer.

Display an innovative product display

Share images of an innovative product display that will pique your audience’s interest. Share a slideshow or carousel post on Instagram that celebrates the year that was, including accomplishments, experiences, and recognition.

Tip off your audience to your knowledge by dispensing some industry-specific advice in point #9. Alternatively, you might dispel common misconceptions about your field by revealing some insider information.

Exhibit material from influencers

Do they write about your items and services? If this is the case, you should get in touch with them to ask if you may use their content in your feed or on your Story. This might demonstrate the value of your items through the eyes of your customers.

Share product reviews

Showcase product feedback by posting screenshots of internet reviews or customer testimonials in a carousel post with accompanying images.

Don’t be shy about promoting your video or podcast by sending out snippets of recent recordings in video or audio format. Include a link to your recording in your bio so Instagram fans may easily locate it, and use the description to promote your other channel.

Make a “save the date” post to let people know when to mark their calendars for an upcoming sale or other special occasion related to your business. They will be eager to come back on that day to see what new offerings you have prepared for them.

Include a video or carousel post explaining the characteristics and benefits of your product or service, focusing on a single feature or several features.

Highlight a Team Member Once a Month

Put a Team Member in the Spotlight. Include a photo of them, their title, and an explanation of why you think they deserve recognition. You may find a selection of templates online to use as a starting point for employee spotlights, or you can design a unique template using your company’s identity to ensure continuity from month to month.

Take a selfie

Give your customers a sense of the face behind the company by posting a selfie or a picture of yourself from a recent photo shoot. Include a caption describing who you are, what your company does, or any interesting anecdotes.

Create a highlight reel or publish images and videos from events in which your company has participated. This is a great opportunity to show more of the inner workings of your business and its employees.

Feature a before-and-after example

To assist your audience see how your product or service may get them closer to their goals, consider presenting a split-screen before and after image.

Use an Instagram post to let your followers know about a new product or service you’ll soon be releasing. Create an eye-catching image with the date and other information.

Flaunt your abilities

how can you give Instagram followers a taste of your knowledge by posting a video or photo? Or write a piece about an interesting pastime you enjoy in your spare time.