When you see something breathtaking, whether it’s a beach, a mountain, or even your pet’s face, you could find yourself contemplating the deeper meanings of those things.

Images of quotes are a great way to add variety to your Instagram posts and give your company a more personable feel. Try out an Instagram quotation for your next post with the assistance of these no-cost apps; everyone could use some inspiration on a Monday morning or a sluggish Tuesday afternoon.

Apps for Instagram that Turn Text into Motivating Sayings

Highlighted Material: 9 Pre-Designed Instagram Quote Graphics

In addition to the 13 more free Instagram posts for business, HubSpot has compiled a collection of 9 Instagram quotation templates for posts and stories. To quickly and easily create worthy quotations in Google Slides, download our free collection of themes now.


Canva’s usefulness goes much beyond its initial premise of creating text-based images for social networking. But the Instagram quotation is a wonderful fit for the smartphone app, thanks to its beautiful pre-made layouts.

Using Canva’s social media post template, you can make banners, flyers, cards, and posts of different sizes, with a backdrop image chosen from Canva’s library of millions of high-quality photographs. It’s quite OK to take a snapshot when you’re on the move. Once you’ve decided on a picture, you may pick from more than a hundred typefaces, customise the size, color, and more before hitting the publish button.

Buffer’s Pablo

Pablo is a straightforward tool for creating Instagram captions. (as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). Select from over 600,000 available pictures or submit your own; personalise with a filter; add header, body, and caption text; upload logos or graphics; and more.

Because of its simplicity and lack of complexity, it is an excellent alternative for novices. You may also use Buffer to schedule the post for a later time and send it immediately to the social network of your choice.


Stencil’s quote picture creation capabilities vary by subscription level, but all users have access to the app’s more than 1275 premade layouts, 5 million high-resolution stock photographs, and 140+ standard presets. Stencil also allows you to use Google Fonts and popular icon libraries to further personalise your projects.

It also tells you whether your text is too long for Facebook and other popular social networking sites to display in its entirety.

Instagram’s built-in sharing features and native Buffer integration make it simple to distribute your photos online.


Touted as a “powerful tool that will transform your regular posts into creative posters within seconds,” VanillaPen offers users access to over 200 premade designs, 86 typefaces, and 360 adornments. Basic editing features like resizing, rotating, and more will also be available to you. You may then export the file and distribute it on the network of your choosing.


Fotor is a great programme that can compete with any of the others on our list due to its extensive library of themes, typefaces, images, and stickers. What sets it apart, though, is its capacity for picture editing and retouching, which makes its feature set comparable to that of Adobe Photoshop, albeit more streamlined. Fotor has a variety of tools, such as background erasers and blur effects, that may help you make beautiful images for Instagram.


More than 6,000 premade layouts and 5 million stock images and illustrations are at your disposal on Snappa. Basic picture editing tools like cropping, adjusting contrast, and adding blur are included as well. You may save time by not having to manually resize and redesign for each each social media site when reusing your designs. Snappa’s free plan has a limit of 3 downloads per month, however there are paid upgrades available.


QuotesCover’s unique selling point is that you don’t have to provide the text for the image you make because it connects to a big database of quotes. Using the QuotesCover editor is as easy as searching for a quotation in the database and then loading it. After that, it will automatically build a design that you may customise using their available background images, text fonts and styles, sticker packs, and other elements. In principle, all it takes is a few mouse clicks to go from having no ideas to having a fully realized, professionally designed product.


PicMonkey is yet another all-in-one tool, with features like background removal and a plethora of graphic design and social media-specific template options. They have millions of stock images, films, and animations that you may use. The fact that you have to pay for a membership in order to download or share your finished photographs is a major drawback to this programme. The subscription’s one redeeming feature, though, is that it includes 1GB of cloud storage space. As a result, you can make changes on the fly, store designs to the cloud, and retrieve them from any device.

Word Play

Word Swag is an app that allows you to make word graphics that are just as cool and trendy as the name suggests. The software employs a specialised type engine to generate new quotation layouts in response to the image you provide as the backdrop.

Making a Quote Post on Instagram

The aforementioned programmes facilitate the generation of Instagram captions by providing premade templates. This can help you spend less time on design and more time on the things that really matter when you’re developing content on a large scale.