Viewing their Instagram Stories behind their backs is one option. By doing so, the user that posted the Story will not be able to see whether or not you have watched it.

This guide will show you the clever methods on how to anonymously view an Instagram Story without getting noticed, whether you are blocked by someone or want to keep a watch on and collect insights on a rival as a marketer with a brand’s Instagram account. Learn the details by continuing on!

Does Instagram allow for anonymous story viewing?

Since doing so is against Instagram’s policy and conditions of service, there is currently no built-in choice for doing so. Therefore, there isn’t and won’t likely ever be a legitimate, private Instagram tale viewer. There are, however, ways around Instagram’s restrictions to watch tales incognito.

Follow the steps in this piece if you want to see Instagram Stories without anyone else knowing about it. As a consequence, you can now read Stories without logging in or drawing attention to yourself.

Here Are Four Methods to View Instagram Stories In Private

Launch a Brand-New Instagram Profile

This is a simple method for remaining hidden while perusing Instagram Stories. In order to watch Instagram Stories that conceal the viewer’s name, you must first sign up for an Instagram account. The benefit of having a separate Instagram account is that you can use it for any Instagram-related activity in which you don’t want your real name to be disclosed.

Opening a new Instagram account requires little effort on your part. To prevent Instagram from blocking your new account, you should connect to the service via a virtual private network (VPN) or smartphone internet.

Once a separate Instagram account has been set up, it’s simple to eavesdrop on someone else’s account and observe their Instagram Stories without raising suspicion. You can now view Instagram Stories without being identified by using a separate account!

Put Your Device Into Flight Mode

While it is possible to use a third-party app to watch Instagram stories anonymously, this technique is much easier because no additional software is required.

  • Get Instagram going by signing in.
  • Find the biography of the person whose account you wish to read privately.
  • Stay on their biography until the header with their narrative loads.
  • Turn your device’s aeroplane mode on once the tale loads to prevent it from accessing the internet.
  • You can proceed to read the user’s tale as usual by tapping on their profile.
  • Turn off your aeroplane mode and exit Instagram after watching the tale.
  • Instagram now allows you to watch stories without the person knowing who you are or that you viewed their story.

View From Another Story and a Slide

You can switch to another user’s Instagram Story instead of selecting the one you want to see. Due to the sequential nature of Instagram Stories, you can preview the first frame of the next account’s Story by gently holding the slide gesture, but you cannot actually click on it. In other words, you can get an idea of what’s going on in the first Story without having your identity added to a “Seen by” roster.

The same concept applies to Instagram Stories; to see the last photo from someone’s Story, tap the first photo from the next account’s Story and then swipe backwards quickly. However, this approach does not allow you to see the account’s Story’s intermediate frames.

Utilize Free or Paid Online Resources

Instagram Stories can be viewed privately and discreetly with a number of third-party apps. This technique is advantageous because it does not necessitate the use of any additional Instagram accounts, apps, software, or log-in credentials.

Instagram Stories from any public account can be downloaded to your computer and viewed with one of these anonymous users. Just remember that these apps only allow you to obtain the Instagram Stories of public accounts.

In order to obtain the Stories, your device must have some free capacity. However, after viewing a Story, you have the option to remove it from your device in order to clear up space.

In Conclusion!

This is most certainly not a built-in Instagram compatibility option. However, using the 4 shrewd strategies discussed here, you can view Instagram Stories incognito.

When the account is public, it simplifies the procedure even further. If the account is set to private, you won’t be able to access the Stories, either to view them or to retrieve them.

However, we must stress once more that it is against Instagram’s policy and conditions of service to watch Instagram Stories under a false identity. We urge you to use Instagram in a more mature and considerate way.