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Social media marketing has great potential to grow your business among target audiences. Moreover, 80% of people connect with brands through social media, which helps to increase brand recognition. Among various social media channels, Facebook remains the leading pathway to achieving business goals. 

Interestingly, there are over 160 million business pages on Facebook. To overcome the competition, SEO efforts become necessary on Facebook to stand out from the crowd. Does implementing SEO techniques on Facebook increase your ranking? Yes! Start optimizing your business on Facebook with the right SEO strategies.

But how will you optimize your Facebook page with SEO? Here is a clear guide to getting a picture of winning your business on Facebook.

6 Winning Facebook SEO Strategies

There are a lot of ways to boost your Facebook page. But without SEO efforts, your results will not be permanent. So, we are here to provide you with SEO tips to rank your Facebook page.

1. A Perfect Username

A username is the first and foremost winning point on Facebook. If you want to increase your returning visitors, you need an eye-catching and meaningful username. The best step to optimize your profile is to provide an easily recognizable username. 

Choosing the name depends on your company name that routes to brand identity. When a visitor lands on your Facebook page for the first time, they tap on your profile to see your username. Acquire the top position by including your primary keyword on your username.

2. Claim A Vanity URL

Facebook provides the freedom of choosing the vanity URL on your own. The vanity URL adds uniqueness to your brand. Keep your custom URL short, simple, and understandable to gain more followers. By default, your Facebook profile URL will look like “” which becomes difficult for your visitor to identify your profile.

So, it is better to customize your vanity URL like “”. You can either choose your username or the primary keyword to gain more visitors.

3. Create Backlinks

Backlinks become an essential SEO element to grow your business towards success. Generating a relevant backlink acts as an authoritative source for your Facebook page. If you are in a position to gain quick success, buy high quality backlinks from trustworthy sites and boost your search visibility. 

The Facebook algorithm skyrockets your page ranking when the backlink count from credible sites increases. A strong backlink helps to stay ahead of competitors and ensures a quick win.

4. Select The Right Keyword

Keywords are the building blocks of a successful SEO strategy in Facebook. Sprinkle your content throughout your Facebook page to attract your target audiences. But how? It works with the help of the perfect keyword. Use the search suggestions or keyword research tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to find the right one.

There are some important spots on Facebook pages where the use of keywords is necessary. Those places are,

  • Your page title
  • In the about section
  • Include in your brand description
  • Use while tagging your websites on FB
  • On the content captions

5. Prioritize Your About Tab

The about section is the first place that a user visits while entering your Facebook page. Use the section to mention your business or products, their benefits, and features to gain your audience’s attention. Stuff your primary keyword to increase your visibility and limit your characters to 155.

A short and eye-catching description increases the fan count for your Facebook page. Remember, the most compelling content with relevant keywords encourages your audiences to hit the thumbs-up icon and bring brand popularity. 

6. Include Contact Information

Facebook allocates space to include your contact information that leads to easy traction for audiences. When including your address on Facebook, it boosts your local SEO and grabs the audience’s attention around your location. 

Depending on the location, the search result may vary for each Facebook user. So, include your location on the about section to boost your visibility and enriches your SEO efforts to a greater extent.

Wrapping Up

A user on Facebook attains a grand success with powerful SEO efforts. Though it takes time to earn success, you will get permanent success with an increase in organic traffic. The above SEO efforts increase your Facebook ranking and boost your visibility on the search results.