Social media management is often underestimated because of its seeming ease. There are a lot of minor but important details that need your attention, and you may feel overwhelmed at some time.

That’s why it’s crucial to seek for ways to streamline your processes and make more room in your schedule for what really matters. Instagram has a number of time-saving and productivity-boosting features.
Among the top 10 efficient ways to save time on Instagram, feed layout planning ranks first.
Start by picturing the final product of your feed. Maintaining a consistent look can be difficult, but preparing your feed arrangement will offer you some framework to work with.

You’ll have no trouble thinking of interesting topics to write about, saving you a tonne of time that could have been spent on brainstorming and creating a content schedule.

Determine the overarching themes you want to carry through your feed, and establish when each theme will appear. Consider the case of social media management for a fashion label. You have decided to focus on three primary areas: promotional catalogue articles, user-generated material, and behind-the-scenes information.

Write out posts for the next week all at once

The time it takes to create fresh material, from capturing and editing pictures to designing graphics, may quickly add up. Create content for a week’s worth of posts at once instead of starting from scratch each time you need to publish a new piece.

Take use of the theme calendar you established at the outset to plan ahead for content creation. Visual planners like Later allow you to get a preview of your feed as you build it. This is a fantastic method for making sure your new posts will blend in with the rest of your feed’s content.

Prepare your captions in advance

If you want your captions to capture and interest your audience, that alone may be a time-consuming process.

To save time while releasing fresh content, prepare captions in advance and use them as needed. If you do this as you’re drafting your posts for the week, you’ll be all set to hit “publish” when the time comes.

Post at optimal times by scheduling your updates

If you’ve worked in the industry of social media management for any length of time, you know how important it is to reach your followers during their most active times. Timely publication of content increases the likelihood that readers will respond.

You, however, are well aware of how difficult it is to maintain a consistent posting schedule, especially when other, equally pressing responsibilities call for your attention. To avoid forgetting to post at optimal times due to needing to continuously set reminders and alarms, you can begin scheduling your posts in advance.

Save Time When Editing Pictures by Using Presets

Instagram being a visual medium, the visual appeal of your posts has a direct bearing on how involved your followers will be.

You should aim for a uniform aesthetic in all your updates, whether they are bright and cheery or sombre and spare. Check out how Unbirthday’s feed manages to be both simple and colourful for inspiration.

Story Design Is to Use Templates

Your Instagram Stories should follow the same design guidelines as the rest of your account. on the case of real-time content like the kind you’d see on Stories, no post-production editing is required.

If you want to keep your audience interested, though, visual cohesion is essential. Ensure cohesion between your Stories by employing a consistent colour palette, font, etc.

Schedule Some Playtime

Any marketer worth their salt in the social media space knows how important it is to respond to their followers’ comments. You should try to reply to your followers as soon as they contact you. It’s possible you’ll feel swamped if you try to respond to every remark as soon as it’s posted.

Instead, commit to daily interaction with your fans. Plan on spending 30 minutes to an hour every week responding to comments and monitoring brand mentions. Outside of the agreed upon engagement times, you should disable account notifications.

Set up Common DMs with Quick Replies

Instagram might be used by some companies for customer service. It might be usual for these companies to field several inquiries that are essentially the same. It may not seem like much of a hassle to answer these questions, but you will need to compose a different response for each one.

Instead, you may save time by using Instagram’s Quick Replies feature. You may use the system to generate automated responses to frequently requested queries. This will allow you to quickly respond to your consumers with the touch of a button.

Set Aside Your Favourite Hashtags

Using hashtags is a fantastic way to increase the exposure of your Instagram posts. Hashtags are useful since your postings will appear in the search results of those who aren’t already following your brand.

Hashtag research is important before publishing a new post, but it might take a lot of time.

You may save yourself some time by keeping track of the most successful hashtags you use regularly in your postings.