If you’re like most social media marketers, you’d rather have a hands-off approach. Scheduling Instagram posts allows you more time to focus on other marketing efforts instead of posting every time you make a sale, new product launch, or hire.

We recommend Hootsuite and Creator Studio as the best Instagram scheduling applications of 2023.

Find out which applications we recommend for scheduling Instagram posts.

Scheduling Instagram posts in advance using Hootsuite

Join Hootsuite and Instagram together: All you have to do is hit the “Add a Social Network” button.
Launch your Instagram app: In the initial prompt, select Instagram to access your account.
Make a new Streams post by following these steps: Just use your regular procedure for writing the post’s caption and hashtags. Simply click the paperclip symbol to upload your photos.
Plan your update: Schedule your post by clicking the calendar button.
Scheduling Instagram Posts with Creator Studio
Connect Creator Studio with Instagram: To begin using Creator Studio, you must first connect your Instagram account to the programme. The documentation for Facebook’s own Creator Studio may be found there.
Start a thread: Connect your Instagram account with Creator Studio and go to “Create post” and “Instagram Feed.”
Put up some pictures or a video: The next step is to select media assets, such as photos or videos, by clicking the “Add Content” button.
Create the text for your post: Fill in the blank! Relevant hashtags should also be included here.
Put your Instagram post on the calendar. The last step is to schedule your post by clicking the arrow next to the “Publish” button.
In January of 2018, Instagram revealed that brands may pre-plan individual posts. Since this function is provided by social media software and not Instagram itself, it is only available to business profiles and is limited to posts only (no adverts).

Scheduling posts in advance on an Instagram business profile is currently not possible.

Four easy methods to scheduling posts on Instagram

To begin using scheduled posts on Instagram, you must first create a business profile. If you currently have an Instagram account, you may convert it to a business profile in your account settings.

Having a company profile will allow you to schedule meetings and access more features. You may use tools like Instagram Insights if you have a business presence on Instagram. Followers’ online times, demographics (ages, genders, cities), and engagement levels are all displayed here.

If you have an Instagram business profile, you may also add a contact button to your profile. In addition, Instagram now allows you to promote posts and add links to your stories.

Integrate Instagram into your preferred social media management tool.

Use a social media scheduling app like Buffer or Hootsuite to plan out your Instagram posts in advance.

A social media management platform is essential, so get one if you don’t already have one. After deciding on a service, you may add your Instagram account by following the platform’s instructions.

Think ahead before you publish

Because Instagram postings may be scheduled in advance, a well-organized feed is essential. Avoid scheduling all of your articles at once and failing to observe how postings are similar if you care about the appearance of your feed.

Planning your feed in advance will add a welcome dose of variation to your Instagram page. You may assess the big picture of your content strategy and make adjustments from there. By avoiding repetitive posts, you can keep your Instagram followers interested.

Make your own post

When you’ve planned out your feed, you can begin making posts. If you want to establish more brand consistency on your profile, it’s important that your images reflect the style of your organisation.

There’s a wide variety of content suitable for Instagram posts. Your items provide a terrific alternative. Your Instagram followers will appreciate the chance to see and touch your goods.

Set up a posting schedule

The next step, after writing your content, is to set up a publishing schedule. If you want your Instagram posts to be seen by the most people, you need think about when that is.

Instagram analytics can tell you when your target demographic is most active on the platform.

Reasons why you should schedule your Instagram Posts

You may think scheduling an Instagram post isn’t a huge problem now that you know how to do it, but it actually offers a lot of advantages for your business.

One time-saving benefit of scheduling Instagram posts

Time savings is the primary advantage of pre-scheduling Instagram posts. Having the ability to schedule many posts in advance saves you from having to set aside time every day to do so. Instead of blogging every day, it’s more time-efficient to plan several posts at once.

You may also relax knowing that you won’t have to worry about posting at inopportune times. Your posts will be published at optimal times for maximum exposure to your target audience. Without having to manually schedule posts, you can be assured that they will always be sent to your audience at the best possible moment.

The ability to schedule Instagram posts allows for more streamlined publication

You had to rely on your phone’s camera to upload campaign photographs before Instagram supported publication. This makes it harder to manage your Instagram account and submit material the right way.

You may now schedule posts from your computer. You can save one step by keeping your photo library on your computer rather than your phone. It helps you arrange your Instagram photographs in the order you want.

Scheduling Instagram posts creates regularity

You should aim for uniformity while constructing your Instagram profile. You want people to see your post in their feed and immediately recognise it as coming from your company. Keeping your Instagram profile consistent with the rest of your brand is important.

All of your pictures should have the same filter, colour scheme, and subtitles. Maintaining uniformity in your blog entries is facilitated by this.