Are you familiar with this clip? It’s a question we’ve all heard or asked, and it works equally well as an icebreaker with new acquaintances as it does as a way to bond with besties. Video is shared with peers more than twice as often as any other type of material. No one can deny the importance of video interaction in the age of TikTok and other social media sites that are putting more emphasis on the format.

Figure out what you want to get done initially.

Important video engagement indicators for better content results
Views and impressions are well-known measures that can shed light on performance, but they may not be enough.

If you want to go further into your performance statistics and figure out where to put your production efforts, here are some critical criteria for measuring video engagement.

Metrics for TikTok

As a platform for short videos, TikTok places a premium on popularity. Any time your video is played, even if it’s played again, it counts as a view. However, the number of views does not include your personal views of the video.

Here are some key indicators for your TikTok account.

Total number of likes and views

Although they are separate, it is useful to compare these two indicators. It’s wonderful to see a big cumulative view count. However, if your number of likes is minimal, you aren’t making the most of your posts.

Likes are a crucial metric for the TikTok algorithm since they indicate which videos other users will likely enjoy. Videos with a large number of views but few likes may benefit from trying out various approaches to increasing viewer interest.

Signing Off

Most freshly uploaded videos peak in popularity shortly after they are made available online. If you want to see more early engagement from your videos, try publishing them when your audience is more engaged. If you want to know what is the optimum time to submit videos on TikTok, just take a look at when your most popular videos were uploaded.

Seen the entire movie

TikTok’s algorithm places a premium on people watching your entire video. Fortunately, the vast majority of viewers like shorter forms of video information.

Making movies that are both interesting and easy to consume can increase the percentage of viewers who see the end of your video. Keeping tabs on this statistic will provide you a clear picture of how well you’re doing in terms of your objective.

Causes of Traffic

How much organic reach your material is getting may be gauged by seeing if the majority of your traffic originates from your followers or new users on the For You Page.

The Friends tab, the Following feed, and the For You page are the three TikTok feeds. If you want your work to be seen and shared widely, it has to appear on the For You page. You can see which videos TikTok is promoting to more users by monitoring the number of views they get from the For You stream.

Normal viewing duration

As we said, TikTok’s completion rate is significant. Monitoring the average time spent on a video may tell you when viewers start dropping off and help you determine the best duration for future videos.

Key indicators for LinkedIn videos

Views on LinkedIn are counted after three seconds, much like on Facebook, and the number of views isn’t made public until the video has received 500 views.

Conversion rate of clicks

LinkedIn gives priority to original material created specifically for the service. Examine which videos result in the most hits to post links to ensure that your external links, such as the job posting link below, are worthwhile.

LinkedIn’s paid ad statistics provide new ways to dig into the efficacy of your videos. View conversions are one metric in Sprout’s Premium Analytics that might shed light on the extent to which your video influenced viewers’ actions.


Unlike reactions (Like, Celebrate, Support, Love, Insightful, Curious), posts with a lot of lengthy comments, like the post below, catch the platform’s attention. They have more information and may enhance people’s interest in a post, which LinkedIn values.

The growth or loss of followers

If you compare the amount of views your videos get to the views of other content kinds, you can see how effective video was for you.


One of the most important indications used by Twitter’s algorithm is user engagement. Engagements attract greater interest than fewer ones.

Posts can be followed or unfollowed.

You can use this indicator in Sprout’s Premium Analytics to see which of your videos are most likely to turn off viewers and which are most likely to bring in new viewers.

Comments about the Media

You may find out how many times people clicked on your video while they were viewing it (perhaps to pause it).

Measure the success of your online video content.

Metrics for video interaction and analytics for social media are not separate entities.

You can get a more complete view of how video may propel your social strategy and business ahead by combining some of these analytics with awareness measurements like impressions and more.