To be successful on social media, many brands must first overcome significant obstacles. Numerous brand accounts can be found across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok, all of which feature stale, uninteresting, and shamelessly promotional content that dates back months or even years. Then there is a break in the postings. Brands have given up and decided they don’t belong on social media. Despite having a few hundred followers who may occasionally like or comment on a post. If only they knew the ins and outs of TikTok, they might finally be able to break through on one social media platform.

It’s not hard at all to maintain a lively and active social media profile, though. Brands of all sizes can enjoy the same level of success, with equally high engagement and conversion rates.

Learn These Big Brands’ TikTok Strategies

1 Collaborate with Influencers to Boost Their Content with In-Feed Spark Ads

Maybelline, a cosmetics company, has discovered that collaborating with TikTok influencers can lead to far more than just a larger audience. In addition, it can supply you with videos that you can use for other purposes and thus expand your audience. However, you must make sure that the agreements you make with influencers include a clause that allows you to reuse their content.

Maybelline has always catered primarily to established, confident women. Still, company officials were keen on reaching a younger demographic.

Co-branding, runner-up

Big time success on TikTok can be yours with a little bit of imagination and dedication to your brand. We can’t discount the fact that some brands succeed simply by sticking to their principles and never changing. When it comes to examples of successful brands on the platform, Ryan Air is practically a case study.

As an Irish low-cost carrier, Ryan Air is dedicated to serving the most cost-conscious customers. It uses the video-sharing app TikTok to show that unique events can be produced on a shoestring budget.

Ryan’s TikTok has been so popular because the company recognises the critical role that honesty plays in building a following online. As a result, the company doesn’t promote airline tickets on its TikTok channel. Instead, it has made a name for itself among the subset of its target audience that enjoys sharing and consuming humorous and thought-provoking content on TikTok.

Third, Rather Than Trying to Sell to Your Audiences, Entertain Them

While this may be heresy to brand managers and CEOs, it is the key to many brands’ success on TikTok. In our Guide to Marketing to Generation Z, we stressed the importance of being genuine and forthcoming with content when communicating with millennials and those in the next generation.

No matter how “serious” you think your brand is, you should still be prepared to keep your TikTok account fun and casual.

On social media, most major brands maintain a strictly businesslike persona

Each and every ad and post is designed to adhere to the brand’s strict rules and guidelines.

The Washington Post, despite being a serious news organisation, has built up a sizable following among the younger generation on the video-sharing platform TikTok. It achieves this by being offbeat and unique.

To get your name out there on TikTok, step five is to host a contest

You can’t assume that TikTok’s young audience will accept you simply because your brand is well-known. If you want to become a major player on TikTok, you’ll need to do more than just sell to Gen Z on a daily basis. Coca-Cola has a firm grasp on the psyche of today’s youth. Since long before the majority of us were born, they have been selling their wares, mostly to younger consumers. Coca-Cola didn’t expect people to blindly follow them when they established a TikTok presence, though.

TopFeed and In-Feed Ads with Stunning and Engaging Videos that Direct to a Unique Instant Page

Perhaps Vauxhall, the oldest automotive brand in the United Kingdom, is an unusual choice for a company to promote on TikTok. Und yet, that is exactly what Vauxhall did with its recent UNBOX YOURSELF advertising campaign.

With the release of the Mokka Electric, Vauxhall has joined the ranks of other major automakers in responding to the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles. Who do you think will be the bulk of Vauxhall Mokka’s long-term customer base? There’s a good chance that the current TikTok audience will evolve into Vauxhall’s target demographic.

Use user-created content to increase your TikTok audience

One year ago, we talked about how effective Gymshark’s social media marketing was, specifically on the video sharing platform TikTok. By the time they switched their attention from Instagram, where they had already tasted success, they had amassed a very healthy 3.4 million TikTok followers around the world in just over a year (December 2021).

Since we published that piece in January 2023, they have continued to grow in popularity, amassing 4.3 million followers.

Your Search for a TikTok Agency That Has All the Insider Knowledge

Seeing other businesses, particularly your competitors, succeed on TikTok can be intimidating, especially since most of these TikTok secrets appear relatively straightforward and obvious. They do, however, necessitate substantial shifts away from the status quo of marketing thought, in most cases.
This is information readily available from any TikTok-savvy marketing firm. However, not even the most well-known and widely recognised brands can rest on their laurels on TikTok. They have to work for it if they want to gain followers on the platform.
Many of these tidbits of TikTok wisdom may not seem particularly groundbreaking, but mastering them can require a significant investment of time and energy. Making an advertisement that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb is a lot more challenging than, say, creating a lavish production for broadcast.