Today’s media world would be unimaginable without GIFs. They’ve gone from being a strange and obscure method to express yourself to the in thing to do now.

GIFs were formerly only used by average people, but today marketers and bloggers are turning to them as well to capture attention and get their point through.

But how does the use of GIFs differ from that of still photographs or moving clips?

With greater impact and creativity than photos but less time investment than films, GIFs are seeing widespread use.

Making professional-caliber films or photographs

Instead of spending a lot of time designing and working on a single image, you can quickly and simply select a GIF that can be adapted to your needs. GIFs are a great way to reach your audience because of their familiarity and cultural relevance.

You, as a Social Media Marketer/Blogger, should use GIFs in your marketing efforts because they are now all the rage online. The purpose of this tutorial is to dispel any confusion and make understanding GIFs as simple as counting.

A GIF is defined as what?

Arguments about how to properly pronounce GIFs will likely never end. Either “jifs” (with a gentle “g” sound) or “gifs” (without the g) will do.

The complete meaning of a GIF is Graphic Interchange Format, which may be deduced from the acronym. This is a file format in which both still and moving pictures can be included in the same file.

A GIF, in layman’s terms, is a single file containing an infinite loop of a sequence of still images that have been compressed and rendered silent.

Its condensed nature makes it a powerful medium for conveying just the appropriate thought, feeling, or call to action. By their very nature, GIFs are intended to draw in the attention of the person seeing them. There is a significant reduction in file size compared to video files as a result of the compression of the photos.

Those who believe the GIF phenomenon started recently are gravely mistaken. The GIF itself will be 30 years old in 2017. The moment has come to learn what you’ve missed throughout the years.

Exactly why would you want to use a GIF?

We have already determined that GIFs are more entertaining than still images, motion pictures, or written words. Is this really the greatest way to talk about the importance of company values? That is entirely up to the writer’s fancy.

Here are a few arguments for including GIFs into your social media marketing:

  • They will be amused while receiving your intended message.
  • Using GIFs demonstrates that your business is hip and current.
  • When used in a brief article, tweet, or message, GIFs provide more context.
  • Emotions may be conveyed more quickly and effectively through GIFs than they might be through still images or films.
  • Your email marketing click-through rate will increase dramatically if you include GIFs.
  • It’s simple to pass around a GIF.
  • The following RedBull GIF will help you understand the process.

You probably can’t wait to start utilising and making your own GIFs now that you have a better grasp of the countless ways they may be put to use.

What Websites Have GIFs?

While GIFs are widely shared and accessible, it may be time-consuming to track out those that you enjoy or that you can put to good use if you don’t know where to look. Furthermore, these services alleviate your burden and make it simple to find high-quality GIFs:


For good reason, Giphy has amassed the biggest and most visited collection of animated GIFs online. You can probably find the GIF you’re looking for on Giphy. You may narrow down your search by selecting a certain feeling (such as surprise) or by deciding what role you’d want to play in the GIF itself (i.e., a baby). You will receive better results from a search if you narrow down your criteria.

The best place to get animated GIFs is undoubtedly Giphy, which also happens to be the largest and most popular GIFs collection online. To locate a GIF of any type, Giphy is probably your best bet. You may narrow down your search by selecting a certain feeling (such as surprise) or even the role you’d like to play in your GIF (i.e., a baby). If you narrow down your query, you’ll obtain more relevant results.


Reddit is a fantastic resource for discovering pre-existing GIFs. Select and deselect the items you find appealing or objectionable from among their selection. Those with the necessary skill can also alter GIFs to their liking.

Another great resource for GIFs is However, there are a few noteworthy aspects of this website. If you are at a loss for words and need some visual stimulation, try gifbin’s random GIF generator.

Making Your Own Animated GIFs: A Guide.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! If you really want your original material to stand out, here is the place to start. Now is the opportunity to break out of your routine and really shine on social media. What is the process for making your own GIF?

If you’re a Photoshop enthusiast who thinks the programme will solve all your creative problems, I have some excellent news for you. Photoshop has the capability to make GIFs. How? Read on!

  • Get Photoshop going with your video file.
  • Cut the video to the right length using the timeline.
  • Be sure to activate the infinite loop.
  • Pick “Save for web” as the format to store the video in.